V8 Supercars. Beginning of the end?

Another nail in the coffin for V8 Supercars….

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I heard the rumors but I didn’t want to believe it. V8 Supercars has sold its soul for short term gain.

The season started off with a bang in Adelaide at the Clipsal 500 and we all thought that all was right in the world. The change of the telecast to Channel 10 went smoothly, and although we missed Skaiffey and some of the boys from Channel 7, at least we could watch the race.

However, round 2 bought all of our fears home to roost. No coverage … unless you are wealthy enough to pay top dollar for Fox Sport.

Do you block heads running our beloved sport, really think that the way to increase the profile of V8 Supercars is to take it away from it’s original fan base? When the fan base dies, Fox will give you the arse and you’ll be flat out getting an offer from the ABC.

The majority of revheads cannot afford Fox Sport and will drop off like flies as the season moves on, and next year will be less and the year after that even less, unless you wake up to yourselves. It is akin to the NRL or AFL deciding move footy to Fox with no games on free-to-air for the punters. But they’re not that arrogant or stupid.

As a regular Bevan on The Mountain each year, I’ve already felt the effects of the short term greed of the V8 Supercars powers that be. Each year they infringe a little more on the freedoms and traditions of the original stereotypical revhead on the top of the mountain, by encouraging families into an area traditionally reserved for Bevans and Bogans who want to drink, swear, play music loudly, enjoy each other company and watch the races from the comfort of his chair with an esky beside him.

But no, not satisfied with putting families into the other 80% of Mount Panorama, they won’t stop until they have made it suitably uncomfortable for us all to leave. Last year, to our horror we were asked, by the police, to turn our music down just after midnight.

They will be left with families who might come for one or two years and then decide that they will “go somewhere else for their holidays next year”. And would have driven off hundreds of Mountain Men who have made the pilgrimage up to the top for twenty or more years, bringing millions of dollars to Bathurst and The Mountain.

The next thing they will have will be a grandstand on Skyline with paid seating and concession bars with $12 per can light beer. Don’t laugh it’s just around the corner.

The Holden V Ford battle is gone, next it will be the V8s, with 4 cylinder turbos about to make a re-entry in the next couple of years.

All of you Bevans and Bogans out there, get in while you can, it’s almost gone.

Fuck you very much V8 Supercars, it was fun while it lasted.

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