The Mountain 2013.. Camp BevanLand

The Mountain 2013 .. New boys to Camp BevanLand a great fit.

The Mountain 2013Taking a couple of new blokes into a week-long camp on “The Mountain” is always a bit of a risk, let alone taking in eleven. Particularly if the others in the camp have been together for some 10 years. The camp dynamic can be easily upset and animosities developed, and it took a lot of consideration before embarking on the path we did.

We’ve developed Camp BevanLand into a metropolis theses days, which needs the team numbers to keep the costs to individuals to an affordable amount, and this year at least half of our regulars decided to stay home in the lounge with their blanky. So as reported in the last post before we left, we got some new Bevans to The Mountain Brother Campjoin our yearly adventure.

I can now report that it was another great year and the new blokes fitted into the camp like a beer into a Camp Cuntox Cooler.

One of my biggest concerns was how our newcomers would fit with our mates in our Brother Camp across the road (There’s some dodgy cunts over there), but everyone got on like a house on fire (No pun intended Olly), and overall I’m sure some new friendships were formed. Even though we still called each other cunts and such.

On the Mountain with BrianWhat happens on the Mountain usually stays on the mountain, but a few things should be mentioned. Brian didn’t think he would come, but he was there, and Rollon ensured that he was a part of everything. Hava didn’t make it. Pez’s machine took a while to get there but he finally rolled in. Kiwi wore the same footy shorts for a week. Olly’s fire displays, while spectacular still, were a little subdued. Rusty got to play a whole night of “Rusty Music” loud and across the whole camp. Tony made about 5 litres of Mead which added substantially to the general drunkenness of the camp. Camp Cuntox didn’t arrive.. Whatha??. Gav spewed cider on Slim’s Penrith sockies. Pez and Rollon had a little lie down at the disco-tech. The Vic boys build a bus from a lawn mower with the help of a couple of in-house engineers, and Justin performed a spectacular burnout in the SS to finish with. .. Oh yeah, and Ford won..Fuck it!

You get a better idea of the antics in the camp from photos, so I’m adding a gallery to the bottom of this post for your perusal. More will be added as the boys send them in.

Click the photos to start the gallery.

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