Bathurst 2013 .. Camp BevanLand

Changes all around for Bathurst 2013 on The Mountain.

bathurst 2013 .. Mount PanoramaAs we pack the vehicles for our annual trek to The Mountain, I take a moment to reflect on what lies ahead over the next week.

Nissans, Mercs and the “Car of the future” aren’t the only changes on The Mountain at Bathurst 2013.

This year will be Camp BevanLand’s 11th year at the great race. It’s worn many monikers over the years, from Camp Mud Dudds and Camp Queenslander to Camp Harden The Fuck Up, but eventually and for the last two years, since the launch of this website, it is now Camp BevanLand. At the track .. Thursday.

Our usual numbers were initially down this year, as some of our regulars, who shall remain nameless, decided that they had out-grown their bevanness, and decided they would pursue more moderate pass times.. knitting and such.

Never mind, they will still be able to boast that they were once on The Mountain in the great Camp BevanLand, and that once they were great warriors, even if people do doubt them. But many years from now, when they are sitting by the fire with a blanky across their knees (Maybe they are now??), staring off into the distance, drool at the corner of their mouth, they will ask themselves, Did I give it away to soon? Could I have gone perhaps just one more year? Was 2013 really the year I turned gay? Camp BevanLand Wednesday morning.

But I digress, Bathurst 2013 will go down as the year we found new friends from around the country, to share our annual adventure. Due to the size and logistics of our camp we need to have at least a dozen Bevans to help fund it. Or we could forgo the sites we have accumulated over 10 years and go back to one site, lugging tents, barbecues and tables from Qld. again. It didn’t take us long to decide that we would try to continue to live in the luxury to which we are accustomed.

So this year we opened the camp up to others who still have that Bevan spirit in there gut, and still feel a need to howl at the moon and bond with other Bevans. We advertised on Gum Tree and were deluged by people wanting to join the famous Camp BevanLand. In 2013 we will be joined by Pete and his boys from Victoria, Justin and his mate from Victoria, Matt and his boys from South Australia, Brad and his mate from WA and Reece from NZ via Mount Isa, together with our staunch bunch from Avaa .. Our chef on The MountainQueensland we will number 16. A league of states.

Another change this year will be that our good friend and Chef Extraordinaire, Andrew (Hava) Taylor, from our brother camp across the road, won’t be able to join us this year. Get well soon my brother.

Also this year we will be supporting our good friend Dirty Pierre, the international comedian, in his t-shirt sales for charity, our crew from last year appear in caricature on his t-shirts this year, so get down to – News On William, 80 William Street, Bathurst. Phone 02 6331 1402 and buy a shirt. Get in early because they go fast.

Bathurst 2013 will be another great year, and be recorded in the legend which is BevanLand. Much motor racing, piss drinking, story telling, scuberizing, character assassination of absent friends, hard rocking and so it goes. Another legendary year on The Mountain.