NRL Grand Final 2013

Sydney City Rooster V Manly Sea Eagles…Who Cares?

The two most disliked sides in the NRL will face off on Sunday in the NRL Grand Final 2013.

The unpopularity of these two teams dates back decades and they are hated by different segments of the Rugby League world for different reasons.NRL Grand Final 2013

The oldest reason for the hatred is held by other Sydney clubs (And Queensland), who’s dislike for the Easts and Manly stem from the days ¬†they were the “Silver Tails” of the competition and, pre-salary cap days, they had a habit of cherry picking the best players from NSW and Queensland Leagues. Through their wealth and influence the chief executives and the power men of league invariably came from these two clubs, and it was believed that they ran the league to suit themselves. A belief which has some merit and a belief which is still held, in most quarters today.

Arthurson and QuayleThen if you were a Super League fan, these two clubs were at the forefront of dismantling that competition under the guise of “keeping the game for the people”. We all saw how that went, setting the expansion of the game back 20 years and still today, the game is dominated by the Sydney based clubs even though their contribution to the junior growth of the game, and their contribution to the coffers of the NRL, falls far short of the clubs coming from outside Sydney. In a nut shell these two teams appear to have had undue influence over the NRL and it’s predecessors for decades, and it doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

So, now to the NRL Grand Final 2013. Who really cares? Unless you are one of the minority who call themselves a Manly SonnyBillor Roosters fans. It is probably fare to say that most would rather see The Roosters beat the more hated Manly in the NRL grand final. Both teams are dominated by players pilfered from other clubs, states or countries so perhaps we can support our ex players.

Me? I’ll be at Bathurst having a relaxing week on The Mountain building toward the Great Race … Go the Holdens!!

I’ll probably settle in with a VB on Sunday night and watch the NRL grand final so .. Go the Roosters .. The reason I’m going Roosters? .. Sonny Bill can’t play for NSW.

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