NRL 2013 Season Draw and New Rules.

NRL 2013 Season Kickoff .. Thursday March 7th.

The first 4 rounds of the NRL 2013 season will have a Thursday night game, and the Australian Rugby League Commission have implemented some rule changes ahead of the NRL 2013 season commencement.

Mahe FonuaState of Origin eligibility is one of the Commission’s changes in 2013. The new rule states that a player must live in either Queensland or NSW before the age of 13 to be eligible to play for that state. The only other way you can play Origin is if you are the son of an Origin player, then you can be selected for the state for which your father played. That would seem to exclude  Mahe Fonua, a born and bred Victorian playing for The Storm, from ever playing Origin. Or indeed any future born and bred Victorian or New Zealand player from doing the same. The rule used to be that if you were born in one state but played for a junior representative team in another state you could play for either.

Another rule change in the NRL 2013 Season is the change to “benefit of the doubt” when scoring a try. The on-field referees are obliged to rule on the try. If there is any doubt about the try, they can then go to the video ref, however the video ref can only change the decision if there is “sufficient evidence to suggest the original call was incorrect”, no benefit of the doubt.

NRL 2013 Season NewsThere is also a new ruling on the shoulder charge. It is banned. The new rule states that a player must attempt to make a tackle with his arms out in front of him for the tackle to be legal. This one makes sense. When I was a boy learning to play Rugby League, the shoulder charge was seen to be a sookie or cowardly way to tackle. I’m glad it’s gone.

Click here for the current  season draw.

There has been significant player movement during the latter part of 2012 and into 2013.

Click this link to see who moved to where. 

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