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No more sleeps until we hit “The Mountain”… We’re here.

We are getting close now, the excitement is building. This is our 10 year on “The Mountain” and the first year we have given our camp a name. We have mulled over many names over the years but just haven’t been able to settle on anything. This year however it is Camp BevanLand, finally a fitting name for a mob of Bevans from Queensland.

We have shirts specially made for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bathurst, our 10 year and the naming of the camp. They’ll be finalized today.

Well the shirts are all finished and ready to go, the prints displayed on them celebrate Bevans, Bathurst’s 50th Anniversary, Beer V8s, Rodney Rude, and BevanLand in general.

Today we assemble the gear ready for packing into the Rodeo and the SS Holden Ute ready for the 1000 kl trip to The Mountain. However all will stop at approximately midday for NRL Grand Final day. Much barbecuing, heavy drinking and cheering will take place, before we resume our Bathurst preparations on Monday …. I’ll report more as it comes to mind. … keep tuned in.

We’re here

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, but I’ve been too busy to post anything. When we arrived we found that our mates from NSW & VIC had only 3, Rollon, Cavo, Philly. They are only expecting about 3 more. But the three that are here make enough noise for 20. We quickly set up what we needed for the night then sat down with a beer and renewed acquaintances. While Cavo Brewed up a great Spag Bol for tea.

While we remenissed over about 100 VB, XXXX Golds, Rum and other substences. We rocked to ACDC, Mottley Crew, Iron Butterfly and various other metal exponents. No Van Morrison for Rusty.

Next day we set up camp, went shopping trip into town and collected a truck load of firewood. We sorted out the food and beer arangements then settled into more catchup with our Mexican mates.

The pics show our camp, their camp and our sleeping quarters so far. We will eventually house 15 in the sleeping tent. Mouse over for description.


Watch this space for news as we make it. From Camp BevanLand at Mount Panorama, Bathurst at the 2012 Bathurst 1000

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