Freddy Fittler What?

Freddy Fittler, Foolish Flashback?

Freddy FittlerAll involved say that Freddy Fittler returning, not a stunt, that they are taking the NRL Auckland 9s Tournament seriously, and that Freddy is a genuine selection, aimed at the Roosters winning the tournament.

Sure. What genius said “I know how we can win the tournament. Now don’t laugh, and I know he’s 42, but let’s get Freddie Fittler back on the paddock.”??

If they are serious, and they believe Freddy Fittler is in the top ten players at the Rooster at 42, Then boy have they got problems in 2014.

The 9s tournament is a full on game, with enough players on the field to form a serious defensive pattern. That’s why they are having a 9s tournament and not a 7s tournament. Because they know that the public like hard defense and big hits. It’ll be fast and furious and I predict a Freddy Fail.

But, it’s having the desired effect, everyone’s talking about it, now there’s a lot of attention focused on the tournament, particularly on the Roosters first game. But really it has made the Roosters look like a bit of a joke, if Freddy is in their top 10 fastest and toughest players this year.


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