The Mountain 2013.. Camp BevanLand

The Mountain 2013 .. New boys to Camp BevanLand a great fit.

The Mountain 2013Taking a couple of new blokes into a week-long camp on “The Mountain” is always a bit of a risk, let alone taking in eleven. Particularly if the others in the camp have been together for some 10 years. The camp dynamic can be easily upset and animosities developed, and it took a lot of consideration before embarking on the path we did.

We’ve developed Camp BevanLand into a metropolis theses days, which needs the team numbers to keep the costs to individuals to an affordable amount, and this year at least half of our regulars decided to stay home in the lounge with their blanky. So as reported in the last post before we left, we got some new Bevans to The Mountain Brother Campjoin our yearly adventure.

I can now report that it was another great year and the new blokes fitted into the camp like a beer into a Camp Cuntox Cooler.

One of my biggest concerns was how our newcomers would fit with our mates in our Brother Camp across the road (There’s some dodgy cunts over there), but everyone got on like a house on fire (No pun intended Olly), and overall I’m sure some new friendships were formed. Even though we still called each other cunts and such.

On the Mountain with BrianWhat happens on the Mountain usually stays on the mountain, but a few things should be mentioned. Brian didn’t think he would come, but he was there, and Rollon ensured that he was a part of everything. Hava didn’t make it. Pez’s machine took a while to get there but he finally rolled in. Kiwi wore the same footy shorts for a week. Olly’s fire displays, while spectacular still, were a little subdued. Rusty got to play a whole night of “Rusty Music” loud and across the whole camp. Tony made about 5 litres of Mead which added substantially to the general drunkenness of the camp. Camp Cuntox didn’t arrive.. Whatha??. Gav spewed cider on Slim’s Penrith sockies. Pez and Rollon had a little lie down at the disco-tech. The Vic boys build a bus from a lawn mower with the help of a couple of in-house engineers, and Justin performed a spectacular burnout in the SS to finish with. .. Oh yeah, and Ford won..Fuck it!

You get a better idea of the antics in the camp from photos, so I’m adding a gallery to the bottom of this post for your perusal. More will be added as the boys send them in.

Click the photos to start the gallery.

Red Bull Looking Good for Bathurst.

The cream comes to the top during the Enduros.

Whincup-DumbrellJamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell, defending champions from The Bathurst 1000 in 2012, put themselves among the favourites for the 2013 great race, with a gutsy win in the Sandown 500 Yesterday.

Right behind them in second place on the podium were defending Sandown 500 champions Craig Lowndes and Warren Luff with Ford duo Will Davidson and Steve Owen finishing third.

Two other worthy mentions would include a fourth place for Mercedes duo  Lee Holdsworth and Craig Baird, after starting 19th 0n the grid. This was Erebus Racing’s best result since joining V8 Supercars at the beginning of the 2013 season and holds them in good stead for the remaining Enduros at Bathurst and The Gold Coast.

In another positive rehearsal for Bathurst, the HRT commodore of past Bathurst winners James Courtney and Greg Murphy, finished in fifth place after experiencing a very bruising day, including going a lap down, after a drive through penalty for a mechanical black flag, to remove some loose body parts from the car. Their fast finishing, determined fifth place suggests that they will certainly be a force to be reckoned with when we get to the mountain.

Camp BevanLand – Bathurst 2012

BevanLand Photo Gallery Below.

The 2012 Supercheap Bathurst 1000 has been run and won. The race, which unfolded in perfect Bathurst weather, cool and fine, will go down in history as one of the best on The Mountain.

Jamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell from the Vodafone Team constructed an almost flawless endurance race to just manage holding out two new stars on the rise in David Reynolds and his co-driver Dean Canto, from Team Bottle-O.

However this post is not about the race but the week spent on The Mountain by a group of Queensland Bevans in and around their camp, appropriately known as Camp BevanLand.

Although this camp was named Camp Bevanland only this year, it was established 10 years ago by its founders, Pez and Rusty. Many of the current team have been members for several years, or have drifted in and out over the years, but Pez and Rusty are the only members to have made every trip. It was appropriate that their 10th anniversary fell on the 50th anniversary of the great race. A double celebration.

Over the 10 years, although we have had small arguments and disagreements, mostly alcohol fueled, the camp has never had a serious altercation or disruption. All members at all times have melded into a great team of mates and all know that they can walk back into the camp whenever they want to once again experience the freedom and ridiculous antics of male bonding on The Mountain.

This year however we experienced our first serious disruption in 10 years. One new “Probie” (Probationary Member) decided that he would try to run the camp his way without consideration for the rest of us. He thought that his monitory contribution to our common funds entitled him to run his own race, but he didn’t count on the strong bond and culture that the rest of the team has built up over the years. We eat together, we drink together, we play together and we are idiots together, it is how we have evolved, we are a team, and you must earn your place in it. The end result was that he left the camp halfway through the week (His Choice). The success of this camp over the years, I believe, has been that the monitory cost of each year is not seen as bill paid for services, but a contribution made by a group of mates who all pull their weight for the good of the camp.

That is all I want to write on that matter, except to say that the incident was put behind us on the very night that it happened, and we put all of our energies into having the usual, fucking robust good time. Below I outline how we prepare for our annual event and discuss this years frivolities. There is also a gallery of photos depicting the week for your perusal.

Although we start thinking about the next year’s event on the way home from the current, serious preparations begin in March when we receive the first bit of Bathurst excitement for the year, in the form of the “first right of refusal” on the camping spots that we had for the previous year. Of course we take up the option without hesitation by paying the fees. If you miss the deadline or decide not to grab your sites, they are put out to the public in April and you lose them. We’ve grown from one 8 x 10 meter site to 4 consecutive sites now. It took a few years to secure the sites either side of the original one (244) as they were left free each year by people giving them up, but now we control a good chunk of The Mountain. We are right behind Camp Cuntox, directly across the easement from our best Bathurst mates and about 100 meters from Skyline.

Our mates are a group of blokes from NSW and Victoria in a similar size camp to ours. We have been great mates over the 10 years and look forward to heaping shit on each other every year. We criticize each other for perceived impediments in our characters, such as being born on the wrong side of the border (The Victorians are no chance), losing the state of origin 7 times in a row (Once again the Victorians are no chance, welll, neither are the New South Welshmen for that matter). You are ridiculed for driving and/or supporting one make of car over the other (Fords don’t fair well), and a persons perceived sexual orientation is often called into dispute as well as the state of ones mental health …. well you get the picture.

Once we secure the sites it’s time to contact all of the possible contenders for the October pilgrimage and secure their deposit to help pay for the sites and our marquees for the camp. It is at this time we can ascertain our numbers for the trip which will govern the size of the equipment we hire for the camp, although we usually hold off as long as we can to confirm our hire equipment needs to accommodate the stragglers and procrastinators in our team. But eventually by about August/September we know who is coming and order the gear.

We get marquees, tables, and large barbecue from Mac’s Hire in Orange. They go up to The Mountain on the Monday before the race and set up the marquees from a mud-map we send of the compound and when we arrive on Tuesday afternoon the beautiful vista of Camp BevanLand greets us as we reach the top of The Mountain. (See photo gallery)

We bring in (in order of importance) Beer, eskys, ice, food, cooking utensils and something to sleep on. We greet our long-lost brothers from the adjoining camp,  some of whom arrived on Sunday, and as they help us to unload, we crack open a tinny and by dark we are set up, relaxing with a beer around a roaring fire.

As there is no racing activity until Thursday we spend Wednesday fine tuning the camp, shopping for essentials such as more beer, food, wood for burning  etc. and devote a fair bit of time to drinking heavily and playing loud music, dominated by AC/DC and generally having a fat time.

Our troops usually arrive in dribs and drabs. This year, 6 on Tuesday, 6 on Thursday and 2 on Friday. This plays a bit of havoc with the daily food allocations during preparation for the week. We don’t have power for refrigeration in camp, we keep everything cold with ice. Therefore all our meat is cryovaced in packs so that melting ice water doesn’t spoil the food. This fact was behind the fracas with our errant “Probie”.

Each night of course is a celebration for the new arrivals and much drink and frivolity ensues,  which means that  the blokes that arrive on Tuesday   have plenty of practice at drinking heavily.

As the old saying goes, “What happens on The Mountain, stays on The Mountain”. However, to gain insight into Camp BevanLand, Bathurst 2012, I have prepared a gallery of shots below to give you a feel for a fucking great time and a fitting celebration of 50/10 years on The Mountain. May we have many more.

Click on the first photo to run the gallery.

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Your Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Bevans

Play your Christmas card below if you dare .. Careful High Level Swearing…

News From Camp BevanLand

No more sleeps until we hit “The Mountain”… We’re here.

We are getting close now, the excitement is building. This is our 10 year on “The Mountain” and the first year we have given our camp a name. We have mulled over many names over the years but just haven’t been able to settle on anything. This year however it is Camp BevanLand, finally a fitting name for a mob of Bevans from Queensland.

We have shirts specially made for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bathurst, our 10 year and the naming of the camp. They’ll be finalized today.

Well the shirts are all finished and ready to go, the prints displayed on them celebrate Bevans, Bathurst’s 50th Anniversary, Beer V8s, Rodney Rude, and BevanLand in general.

Today we assemble the gear ready for packing into the Rodeo and the SS Holden Ute ready for the 1000 kl trip to The Mountain. However all will stop at approximately midday for NRL Grand Final day. Much barbecuing, heavy drinking and cheering will take place, before we resume our Bathurst preparations on Monday …. I’ll report more as it comes to mind. … keep tuned in.

We’re here

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, but I’ve been too busy to post anything. When we arrived we found that our mates from NSW & VIC had only 3, Rollon, Cavo, Philly. They are only expecting about 3 more. But the three that are here make enough noise for 20. We quickly set up what we needed for the night then sat down with a beer and renewed acquaintances. While Cavo Brewed up a great Spag Bol for tea.

While we remenissed over about 100 VB, XXXX Golds, Rum and other substences. We rocked to ACDC, Mottley Crew, Iron Butterfly and various other metal exponents. No Van Morrison for Rusty.

Next day we set up camp, went shopping trip into town and collected a truck load of firewood. We sorted out the food and beer arangements then settled into more catchup with our Mexican mates.

The pics show our camp, their camp and our sleeping quarters so far. We will eventually house 15 in the sleeping tent. Mouse over for description.


Watch this space for news as we make it. From Camp BevanLand at Mount Panorama, Bathurst at the 2012 Bathurst 1000