Two Bathursts Every Year?

Every Bevan’s Dream .. Two Mt. Panorama V8 Supercar Races Each Year.

Mt. Panorama twice a year? .. YessssBig Pond motor racing journalist Ben Hocking puts forward some very strong arguments for V8 Supercar superimos to consider holding two events at Bathurst’s Mount Panorama circuit each year. I don’t think you would get any arguments from the fans, and the drivers and teams wouldn’t have any problems either. Read below and see what you think.

If Bathurst is Australia’s premier race track – and there is little question that it is – why is it not put to better use?

This year’s Bathurst 1000 was again the highlight of the racing year, but why should we have to wait another 12 months before we get to see Australia’s best drivers testing out their talent across the top of Mount Panorama?

The 2013 calendar was released this week and there are few surprises, but the time seems ripe to employ a little creative thinking and return the Great Race to a standalone event to ensure the championship doesn’t lose a round at Mount Panorama.

This could easily be achieved by having a Bathurst 500 early in the season as part of the championship, and then holding the Great Race in October separate from the title chase, like it used to be.

This not only gives the fans a chance double the opportunity to visit one of the world’s best temporary circuits, but reduces the risk of a driver’s championship being ruined by a mistake made by a co-driver.

Having Bathurst as a standalone event also allows the return of dream driver pairings. The prospect of Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes teaming up to take on Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison is a lot more enticing than watching co-drivers complete the minimum number of laps while trying to stay out of trouble.

The best part about Bathurst in the glory days was the fact that drivers were giving it their all to win, or to make the top 10 in some cases, rather than taking into account their championship position before deciding if they should make a risky move. The racing is still fierce at the top, but too often these days, co-drivers find themselves in the seat at crucial times and they are too hesitant to make a move, lest they incur the wrath of the team and find themselves out of a drive next season.

The argument makes sense from a business perspective as well, especially with a TV rights deal still to be negotiated.

Aside from the benefit of having two races throughout the year that would sell out in no time, a standalone Bathurst 1000 would allow V8 Supercars to sell the TV rights for the Great Race separately. If it turns out that this would devalue the amount offered for the championship, as was the case with NRL and State of Origin rights in their current deal, then they could stay together as a package. But having the flexibility would surely help when it comes to leveraging the best deal from the free to air networks.

Teams could also take advantage of having a Bathurst race separate from the championship by signing different sponsorship agreements, enhancing their revenue streams in tough times.

The Bathurst 500 championship race also proves who the best individual driver at Mount Panorama as there are no co-drivers as part of the equation. While the Bathurst 1000 is often won by the best team – those with the best co-pilot and for whom everything goes right on the day – the shorter version would leave drivers with no excuses, being entirely responsible for their own result.

It won’t happen in 2013, but it is definitely something that should be considered in future.

Ben makes some very good points. I for one love the idea and would be there in a flash. As long as the powers that be don’t get too greedy and interfere with the male bonding, camping and drinking attractions of the trip .. I’m in.

Now give us your comment. What do you think of the idea?

V8 Supercars Abu Dhabi Round.

The V8 Supercars head to Abu Dhabi this weekend for the next round of the championship.

V8s In Abu DhabiThis year’s Abu Dhabi round will be held at the 2012 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi GP, This is the first time that the V8s, in a points round,  have run on the same weekend and at the same venue as the Formular 1 championship. According to promoters, the V8s run second only to Formular 1 as a global motor sport viewing draw card and they were determined to run an event with both championships on the same card. This will also be the first time the V8 Supercars have raced on the full 5.5-kilometre Grand Prix length circuit after using a 4.7km version for the last two events.

Holdens won both races last year with Jamie Whincup (Team Vodafone) winning the first and James Courtney the second (Team HRT). However the Fords of Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison, second and forth in the championship points are expected give first placed Whincup strong opposition.

Yas Marina Circuit.The state of the art Yas Marina circuit is a spectacular venue. Click here to Take a look at the circuit.

Click the following link to find TV Broadcast times in Australia.




Casey’s On Pole.

Casey Stoner Puts It On Pole.Casey Stoner has proven way to good for the rest of the field around the Philip Island circuit in qualifying for the Austrailian GP.

Fans and his crew held their breath yesterday when he high sided his Repsol Honda in qualifying. However the world champion bounced up and was none the worst for ware as he finish a half second in front of Lorenzo with Pedroza almost a second behind that.

Despite the fact that he is not fully recovered from surgery to his right leg to repair fractures and ligiments, he will start from the front of the grid today when he attempts to win a record 6th Australian Grand Prix in succession.

Vision below of yesterday’s crash.

Massive Crash At Gold Coast 600.

Whincup and Bourdais Win Gold Coast 600.

Ricky Taylor Overturn Gold Coast 600 2012Jamie Whincup and his international driving partner Sedastien Bourdais survived the early carnage at the start of the Armorall Gold Coast 600 to narrowly win race one from Johnathon Webb and his international partner Marc Lieb, who was the fastest international in qualifying.

The start was marred by not 1 spectacular crash but two, as some of the international drivers struggled with the standing start format of V8 Supercar racing.

The first attempted start ended in disaster when USA IndyCar driver James Hinchsliffe in Michael Caruso’s GRM Commodore, bogged down at the start causing 6 cars to come together resulting in the spectacular rollover of the second Fujitsu car driven by UK Grand Am driver, Ricky Taylor who was partnering Greg Ritter in the race. Footage is below.

Then when the cars reassembled for the second attempted start a similar stalling on the grid by Fabian Coulthard’s racing partner in the Lockward entry Nicolas Minassian, was side swiped by Frank Montagny who was partnering Karl Reindler in the Fair Dinkum Sheds entry. Footage below.

There will be a lot of work to do tonight for a lot of teams after today’s carnage, but most of them hope to be on the track tomorrow for race 2.

V8 Supercars Hit The Gold Coast.

International Race Drivers Join The Fray.

The V8 Supercars are on the Gold Coast for the Armorall Gold Coast 600 this weekend in the third the endurance races for the season.

The regular drivers will once again pair up with co-drivers for the event and this time their co-drivers will come from international ranks.

The list of the pairings and where the international hail from is below.

Whincup – Vodafone ..  and Bourdais – France – IndyCar

Lowndes – Vodafone .. and Lyons – UK – Super GT

Tander – HRT .. and Brisco – Australia – IndyCar

DÁlberto – Team HiFlex .. and Liuzzi – Italy – Superstars Series

Holdsworth – SBR .. and Pagenaud – France – American Le Mans Series

Winterbottom – FPR .. and Power – Australia – IndyCar

Davison -FPR .. and Salo – Finland – F1

Blanchard – KellyRacing .. and Andretti – USA – IndyCar

Bright – Team BOC .. and Sarrazin – France – Le Mans

Van Gisbergen – SBR .. and Bleekemolen – Netherlands – Porsche Supercup

Reindler – Fair Dinkum Sheds Racing .. and Montagny – France – F1

Fiore – Jim Beam Racing .. and Morbidelli – Italy – F1

Coulthard – Lockwood Racing .. and Minassian – France – Le Mans, IndyCar

Kelly- Jack Daniels Racing .. and Rahal – USA – IndyCar

Johnson- Jim Beam Racing .. and Pappis – Italy – F1, IndyCar, NASCAR

Moffat – Team Norton .. and Kox- Netherlands – DTM, BTCC

Web – Tekno Autosports .. and Leib – Germany – Le Mans

Wall – Wilson Security Racing .. and Campbell-Walter – UK – FIA GT

Courtney – HRT .. and Turner – UK – DTM, Le Mans

Douglas – LDM .. and Conway – UK – IndyCar

Ritter – GRM .. and Taylor – UK – Grand-Am

Caruso – GRM .. and Hinchcliffe – USA – IndyCar

Slade – SBR .. and Brabham – Australia – GT1

Owen- VIP Petfoods .. and Said – USA – NASCAR

Murphy- Pepsi Max Crew .. and Wilson – England – IndyCar

Reynolds – Bottle O Racing  .. and Heidfeld – Germany – F1 –

Ingall – HRT .. and Dumbreck – UK – Le Mans, DTM

Patrizi – Tekno Autosports .. and Di Grassi – Brazil – F1






Whincup Wins At Bathurst

Jamie Whincup held out a courageous and determined challenge over the final laps by David Reynolds in his Bottlo Ford Falcon at Mount Panorama yesterday to win the Supercheap Bathurst 1000.

After tyre lamination problems in the early stages of the race the Vodafone pair of  Jamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell forged on to lead the race at most of the critical stages.

Craig Lowndes in his retro Marlborough, Peter Brock coloured Vodafone Holden staged a storming finish to come through the field late to grab a podium finish in third place, giving his fans a great sight, with thought that he might just be able to grab victory, but his run was just a few laps short.

James Courtney and Cameron McConville looked likely to feature in the finish being prominent all race, but when the whips were cracking their tyres faded. But they still hung on to finish in a battling 4th place.

The win was Jamie Whincup’s 4th and Paul Dumbrell’s first Bathurst win, while runner-up David Reynolds has stamped his name as a future champion.


Bathurst 2012 … Who will win?

This year is very important to history for more than one reason.

Firstly it is the 50th anniversary of the great race.

It’s the last Holden – Ford only race. (Well for now anyway)

It’s the 10th year that the BevanLand Team have been on The Mountain in one form or another. Some drop out of the team, some join, and some drop in and out, but we are always there on the same four camp site compound. “BevanLand”

Anyway, who will win. I narrow it down to 5 teams, not necessarily in any order.

Craig Lowndes – Warren Luff

James Courtney – Cameron McConville

Mark Winterbottom – Steve Richards

Garth Tander – Nick Percat

Jamie Whincup – Paul Dumbrell

Mercedes Enter V8 Supercars

Stone Brothers Racing Join With Mercedes For 2013 V8 Season.

Stone Brothers will sever their long standing relationship with Ford in 2013 and partner with Erebus Racing out of Europe. They will run three Mercedes AMG E Class cars in next years V8 Supercars championship maintaining their 3 current drivers, Lee Holdsworth, Shane Van Gisbergen and Tim Slade, as well as their two major sponsers, Irwin Tools and SP Tools.

Erebus Racing has had a long relationship with Mercedes and has obviously been successful in bringing the reluctant German manufacturer to Australian motor racing. Mercedes have repeatedly denied interest in V8 Supercars but word is that the Mercedes dealers in Australia have lent weight to the deal.

It will be a very different looking grid next year with Nissan, through Kelly Racing already committing for the 2013 season and beyond, and Mercedes joining our traditional Holden and Ford teams in a new era for v8s in Australia.

Fans seem to be split in their reactions to the change with many preferring to stick with the traditional Ford Holden battle while others have embraced the new concept, no doubt remembering the multi class races around Bathurst pre the V8 Supercar era. However love it or hate it, it is going to happen, we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Bathurst 50 years on.

At Bathurst this year Brockie will still be in our hearts.

This year at Bathurst we celebrate 50 years of racing at Mount panorama and look back on many fond memories. It seems fitting that we spend a little time remembering the race’s greatest hero.

Although it has been 6 years since we lost Peter Brock, you can bet money he will still be in everyone’s hearts on “The Mountain” this year.

Brockie arguably has created more memories over the 50 years of the great race at Bathurst than any other inividual. He was and always will be part of the fabric of motor racing at the iconic race track.

Brockie won Bathurst on 9 occasions, still more than any other driver. Among my greatest memories of him was when he won in 1979 in the A9X Torana by 6 laps, breaking the lap record on his last lap. (Video footage below)

Then in 1987 he battled on in the wet to run third on the track against the Ford Sierras, to then be given the win when the Texaco Ford Sierras were disqualified for illegally modified front wheel arch guards, which allowed the team to race on taller tires. This was his 9th and final win.