V8 Supercars. Beginning of the end?

Another nail in the coffin for V8 Supercars….

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I heard the rumors but I didn’t want to believe it. V8 Supercars has sold its soul for short term gain.

The season started off with a bang in Adelaide at the Clipsal 500 and we all thought that all was right in the world. The change of the telecast to Channel 10 went smoothly, and although we missed Skaiffey and some of the boys from Channel 7, at least we could watch the race.

However, round 2 bought all of our fears home to roost. No coverage … unless you are wealthy enough to pay top dollar for Fox Sport.

Do you block heads running our beloved sport, really think that the way to increase the profile of V8 Supercars is to take it away from it’s original fan base? When the fan base dies, Fox will give you the arse and you’ll be flat out getting an offer from the ABC.

The majority of revheads cannot afford Fox Sport and will drop off like flies as the season moves on, and next year will be less and the year after that even less, unless you wake up to yourselves. It is akin to the NRL or AFL deciding move footy to Fox with no games on free-to-air for the punters. But they’re not that arrogant or stupid.

As a regular Bevan on The Mountain each year, I’ve already felt the effects of the short term greed of the V8 Supercars powers that be. Each year they infringe a little more on the freedoms and traditions of the original stereotypical revhead on the top of the mountain, by encouraging families into an area traditionally reserved for Bevans and Bogans who want to drink, swear, play music loudly, enjoy each other company and watch the races from the comfort of his chair with an esky beside him.

But no, not satisfied with putting families into the other 80% of Mount Panorama, they won’t stop until they have made it suitably uncomfortable for us all to leave. Last year, to our horror we were asked, by the police, to turn our music down just after midnight.

They will be left with families who might come for one or two years and then decide that they will “go somewhere else for their holidays next year”. And would have driven off hundreds of Mountain Men who have made the pilgrimage up to the top for twenty or more years, bringing millions of dollars to Bathurst and The Mountain.

The next thing they will have will be a grandstand on Skyline with paid seating and concession bars with $12 per can light beer. Don’t laugh it’s just around the corner.

The Holden V Ford battle is gone, next it will be the V8s, with 4 cylinder turbos about to make a re-entry in the next couple of years.

All of you Bevans and Bogans out there, get in while you can, it’s almost gone.

Fuck you very much V8 Supercars, it was fun while it lasted.

Undercover VB Knocks Off Craft Award

Hipsters cry foul as VB proves which is the Very Best.

No matter which way they try to spin it, the Craft Beer hipsters of Australia were put back in their box recently at the Surry Hills, Sydney Craft Beer Festival, when their doyens voted VB the convincing winner of Best Beer at the festival.

The self proclaimed “Experts” on beer were totally embarrassed, and exposed as wankers when their pallets exposed them to the truth. A truth that Bevans have alway known … That VB stands for “Very Best”.

Below is a full report courtesy of    STANLEY WORTHINGTON | Sydney Correspondent |Betoota Advocate

Be sure to click the link after reading the report and see the comments.

VaucluseBitterCarlton & United Breweries, a subsidiary of Foster’s Group in Melbourne, have today confirmed that the winner of last month’s Sydney Craft Beer Festival was in fact one of Australia’s oldest and highest-selling beers – Victoria Bitter.

The undercover infiltration of the October 24th festival took out number one place by an undeniable margin and in turn embarrassed the entire craft beer community of Australia.

Rebranded under the trendy guise of Vaucluse Bitter, the judges and punters could not stop talking about this ‘amazing beer from a tiny microbrewery in Sydney’s east’. However, those present at the Festival in Surry Hills were completely unaware that they had been made for fools in a bold marketing ploy by one of Australia’s biggest brewers.

After sending in two undercover sales reps to the festival to offer tastings in a quiet corner of the Giant Dwarf theatre in Surry Hills Cleveland street, VB presented itself as a family recipe created by ‘two brothers from Byron Bay’.

The revelations have enraged all that were present on the day, with the competitors embarrassed to lose to a mass-produced ‘corporate beer’ and many venue-owners left red-faced after having stocked their venues with ‘Vaucluse Bitter’ taps.

surryhillscraftAll present at the festival were fooled by VB’s cunning strategy
Victoria Bitter (more commonly known as simply VB) is Australia’s only billion dollar retail beer brand, selling the equivalent of one slab every second. At one time VB sold twice as much as any other full strength beer and was the only Australian beer brand that is in the top 3 sellers in every state. Victoria Bitter held the highest market share of all beer sold in Australia for more than two decades. It is these kinds of mass-produced products that many micro-brewers feel are a dying breed when it comes to Australian beer. VB have proven that this is not entirely true.

The espionage was a simple yet clever intrusion to the contrived community of capitalist hipsters. The VB logo was changed to look less professional with a cartoon-style version of the original branding. The red and green colours were swapped and ‘Victoria’ was replaced with ‘Vaucluse’ – presenting the beer as the product of basement microbrewery from Sydney’s East, created by ‘two brothers from Byron’.

The undercover logo (right) was not too different to the original (left)
Inner-west craft beer enthusiast and former microbrewer, Banjo Clementé, was one of five judges on the day – he has since spoken out about the embarrassment.

“It is just so typical of these big corporations, they couldn’t cop the idea that our microbreweries might begin to compete with them on the main stage… they had to come in and cut us down to size,”

“Looking back, I was mainly impressed mainly by Vaucluse Bitter as a rags to riches story, it wasn’t necessarily about the taste, turns out they weren’t as cool as I thought.”
Clementé has explained that the ‘suits’ from Cartlon & United went the whole nine yards to fool Sydney’s hipsters by wearing plain T-shirts from Rivers and torn jeans.

“They even grew their beards out, they looked the part. It’s disgusting see the lengths these corporate pigs go to keep us down,”

“They won by fluke, we are interested in a recall.”
A spokesperson from SAB Miller, the parent company to Carlton & United was very keen to give comment this morning

“It just goes to show how much of a joke this microbrewery ‘culture’ is. Everyone knows there is only one way to tackle a hard earned thirst,”

 “We won this round, and we will win again. This craft beer bullshit is just a phase. Long live the green demons.”

Bathurst 1000 History

Mount Panorama Bathurst 1000

Bathurst Origins

The Bathurst 1000 (currently branded as The Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000) is a 1,000-kilometre (620 mi) touring car race held annually on the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. The race concept originated with the 1960 Armstrong 500 at Phillip Island. Since then annual races have taken place in a continuous sequence at these two venues. It is known among fans and media as “The Great Race” and is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Australian motorsport. The Bathurst 500/1000 was generally a “stand alone” event, occasionally becoming a round of a national series such as the Manufacturer’s Championship. Since 1999, the race has been run exclusively for V8 Supercars and is now a round of the V8 Supercar Championship Series. The race was traditionally run on the Sunday before the first Monday in October, which is the “Labour Day” public holiday in N.S.W. In recent years it was held on the second Sunday in October; the 2012 V8 Supercars race calendar changed it to the first Sunday in October.

Race winners are presented with the Peter Brock Trophy. This was introduced at the 2006 race to commemorate the death ofPeter Brock. Brockie, as he was affectionately referred to by race fans, was the most successful driver in the history of the race, winning the event 9 times. He was also one of the most popular and approachable competitors during his long career.

The Mountain

The Mt Panorama Circuit was originally created as a Scenic Drive. During the 1930s it was expanded with Government funding as part of a Depression era job creation scheme. It had a gravel surface prior to World War 2. It has been a venue for many classes of Racing Cars and Motorbikes. Motorbike racing was traditionally conducted at Easter meetings though they have not competed at Mt Panorama since 1994. When not closed for racing the Mt Panorama circuit is a two way public road. The speed limit is 60km/h. It is remorselessly enforced.

Initially open wheelers and sports cars were the dominant classes raced at “The Mountain”. During the sixties they were usurped by the increasingly popular Touring Car categories. The 1968 decision to allow advertising on Racing Cars accelerated this trend as “Tin Tops” were much better billboards than the smaller and swifter “proper” Racing Cars. Factory support from the major marques (Ford, Holden, BMC, Nissan, Toyota, etc) aggravated this trend during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The increase in television coverage and promotion from the late sixties onwards helped to make several of the drivers household names across the country.

Until 1998 the Bathurst 1000 was organized and promoted by a consortium of Channel 7, the Australian Racing Drivers Club and Bathurst (City) Council. Since then it has been run on a more professional basis.

Currently two meetings per year are held at Mt Panorama; The Easter “12 Hour event” for a variety of classes and the October “Bathurst 1000” for “V8 Supercars”.

Article courtesy of Wikipedia

Browse the gallery below for some classic images of the beginnings of the Bathurst Legend.

Ambrose Back For Ford

DJR and Penske sign a V8 Superdeal….

Ambros and Johnson

Photo Courtesy of ABC News

In a major development for V8 Supercars, and what would seem a great shot in the arm for Dick Johnson Racing, Roger Penske, Marcos Ambrose and Dick Johnson have outlined the basic operation that will attack the V8 Supercars Championship next year.

VIA teleconference with Australian and US press the details of the new alliance was revealed last week.

Penske will take 51 percent of the new company while Dick Johnson we remain to head it up with Penske General manager Ryan Story.

Other key personnel will be injected into the team for the 2015 season, with Marcos Ambrose taking over as lead driver. He will pilot the number 17 DJR Falcon. A second driver is yet to be announced.

The deal has come at the right time for Ambrose, as he was ready to return to Australia after a successful stint in the US in Nascar. He last drove in V8 Supercars for the Stone Brothers Ford team in 2005, having won the championship for Ford in the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

Fans will remember the Ambrose / Murphy coming together in the 2005 Bathurst 1000 at Mt. Panorama, ending the chances for both drivers in that years big race, with Mark Skaife, who was out in front at the time, going on to win.

Murphy said of the incident.  “He’s got an ego problem that we all know about and it reared its ugly head again, and I’m just not going to put up with it.”

While Ambrose said after the race. “Greg’s probably going to blame me, because he tends to blame everyone but himself for these kinds of incidents. I knew that I was already 99% past him, I gave him a car-length and a half to go two-wide up into The Cutting, and I just got clean wiped out.”

An excerpt from the crash is seen in the video below. Holden fans will always blame Ambrose while Ford fans believe Murphy caused the collision.

HSV GTS Maloo Sold Out

New “Secret” Holden HSV GTS Maloo Ute … GOOONE!!

HSV GTS MalooHolden dealers report that the initial planned allocation of 150 cars is sold out — despite the $85,000 price, the dearest ute ever to be sold in Australia — and the factory is now scrambling to find a way to build more.

As reported exclusively by News Corp Australia, Holden Special Vehicles has told dealers it is preparing a supercharged V8 ute so that the Australian icon ends on a high note and leaves a legacy that will last long after Holden closes the factory in Elizabeth, Adelaide, in 2017.

HOLDEN has sold out of the world’s fastest ute even though it is not yet officially on sale — and not due to go into production until later this year.

Holden and its performance car division both refuse to confirm publicly that such a car exists.
“We don’t discuss future model plans,” says HSV boss Tim Jackson.
But sources within the dealer network say Holden may build 50 to 100 more to keep customers happy — and still retain the car’s exclusivity.
If 250 HSV GTS Maloo utes are built, they will still be more rare than the final Ford Falcon GT, of which 500 will be made, and more rare than the HSV GTS sedan, of which more than 1000 have been sold to date.
One dealer who was allocated five cars says he has 16 signed orders; most other dealers we spoke to say they could have sold twice their allocation of two to four cars each.
No dealers would speak on the record because Holden and HSV have instructed them not to talk to media.
The previous generation HSV Maloo currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest ute after Holden racing driver Mark Skaife set an average top speed of 271km/h on the Woomera rocket range in 2006, defeating the previous titleholders which were high-powered US pick-ups from Ford (237kmh) and Dodge (248kmh).

Report courtesy of News.com.au

New NRL Season

Its a new NRL Season, but with the same old Channel Nine Bias.

RabbsIf you’re a Queenslander, although you get excited with the anticipation of the NRL season starting, the moment the telecast starts on channel nine, you feel deflated. At the sound of Ray Warren’s and Gus Gould’s voices the stress starts moving up from your gut.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the feeling that I get from listening to the NSW contingent of the telecast team, is that they feel they have an entitlement to the game. It’s their game and we are all just guests. The Sydney teams are all that matter, and the teams from Queensland, Melbourne, and New Zealand are just there to make up the numbers.

Every time you suggest bias to them, they are quick to say that it’s just perception, and that they are completely objective about the games… Bullshit.

On Thursday, they were tolerably, because the Rabbits played the Roosters and they were a bit undecided as to who they preferred. although there was a decided leaning to the Roosters, when it came to Gus.

But on Friday night it was palpably. It was all about what the Bulldogs had to do to beat the Broncos. The sideline comments from Joey Johns were all about the Bulldogs strategy, and Gus had the Broncos dead on their feet many times, ready to go down. Trying to will it from the box. Bad luck Gus.

But to the game.

Martin KennedyBen Barba had his own victory against his old side, and it was good to seen that he still had plenty of mates in the Bulldogs team after the match, as they shook hands and chatted as they walk off.

Some are saying that he should be the five eight and that Hoffman should be fullback. I don’t agree. The coach pulled the right reign I believe. With the stronger Hoffman playing there in defense, and Barba coming into the line in attack.

The Broncos forwards can take a bow. They held tough all night, and when the Bulldogs pack gave it everything after half time, the Broncos forwards absorbed the surge and held strong. Martin Kennedy looks like he’ll be a good buy. He’ll put some starch into the pack, if last night was anything to go by. Maranta, Copely and McCollough also had great games.

And what about the new “third man in” rule? What a joke. The players had done a fine job of self regulation last year, with very few incidents of injury from smashing a players legs. The way it is now, no one is game to tackle around the legs. We should actually change the name of the game now. Once upon a time tackling around the legs was a fine art in Rugby League, but alas no longer. The defensive arts are being slowly weeded out of the game, all in the name of speeding it up. What’s wrong with defense? It’s a great part of the game. Bring it back, too much favors attack now. It’s getting to be like a game of touch. Too fast.

And as far as anyone even considering for a moment that the Broncos last try was controversial, should give themselves an uppercut. There was no interference on any player. And as for players running behind other players, it happens at least a dozen times a game when forwards run through in normal play. So if we are going to penalize it at try time, lets do it all game. Or just leave it intil a player actually makes contact with another player. The refs showed good common sense last night. Good decision from ex players.

Clipsal 500 2014

Clipsal 500 2014 Thrills and Spills.

Courtney Wins Clipsal 500

James Courtney celebrates Clipsal 500 win with fans. Photo Courtesy ABC News

James Courtney has taken out the 2014 Clipsal 500.

In a weekend of great racing, Adelaide saw a return to the winners circle of Holdens 2007 championship winner James Courtney. With Red Bull’s Craig Lowndes coming in second ahead of pole sitter Shane Van Gisbergan.

In a Holden 1,2,3 the maximum Adelaide crowd witnessed a sensational edge-of-the-seat finish between the three Holden pilots.


Defending V8 Champion, Jamie Whincup, won the first of the three Clipsal races, while his team mate Craig Lowndes won the second. But as is customary at the Clipsal the winner of the longer 250kl race on Sunday is crowned the overall Clipsal winner. However in the points standing the leader board tells another story.

Jason bright had a race to remember when, through no fault of his own, he flipped the BOC Holden, to end his race. Luckily he escaped serious injury.

The video below tells the story.


After the first V8 Supercar race meeting for 2014 the top 10 leader board reads: 

Craig Lowndes …Red Bull Racing Australia…888…Holden Commodore VF…282

Fabian Coulthard… Lockwood Racing…14…Holden Commodore VF…230

Shane van Gisbergen …Team TEKNO V.I.P. Petfoods…97…Holden Commodore VF…221

Rick Kelly… Jack Daniel’s Racing…15..Nissan Altima…198

James Courtney …Holden Racing Team…22…Holden Commodore VF…192

Mark Winterbottom …Ford Pepsi Max Crew…5…Ford Falcon FG…189

Jamie Whincup… Red Bull Racing Australia…1…Holden Commodore VF…174

Tim Slade… Supercheap Auto Racing…47…Holden Commodore VF…163

Garth Tander… Holden Racing Team…2…Holden Commodore VF…150-

James Moffat… Norton Hornets…360Nissan Altima0…140

Australian Cricketers one nil in Africa.

Australian Cricketers go one nil up, as Mitchel Johnson destroys the South African Batting.

MitchellJohnson1After the Australian batsmen put their team into a winning position, when Captain Michael Clark declared Australia’s second innings at 4-290, leaving South Africa a record 482 runs to win the match, Mitchell Johnson spear-headed an Australian attack which bundled the South Africans out for just 200.

It was South Africa’s, the number one test side in the world, worst defeat at home in 60 years, and gives Australia a one nil lead in the three test series.

Johnson at his menacing best, terrorised the Proteas, taking five second-innings wickets to give him a match tally of a career-best 12-127.

Our batting figures were top class as well, against an attack that, before the first test, was widely described as the best in the world.

Second innings:

C. Rogers b Steyn 1
D. Warner c Smith b Peterson 115
A. Doolan c De Villiers b Duminy 89
S. Marsh c De Villiers b Steyn 44
M. Clarke not out 17

Johnson, sporting his regrown moustache , now has 49 wickets in his last six Tests. He delivered a barrage of unplayable deliveries throughout South Africa’s innings to demoralize a world class lineup.

“It’s nice to perform like that. Obviously with the declaration coming, Michael saw something in the wicket still,” Johnson said after the match.

“I want to keep improving as a player, I feel I can keep improving. I felt I bowled well out there.

“We bowled well as a group, so we all performed well as a team. I’m looking forward to getting back into the nets.

“Hopefully we can carry our form into Port Elizabeth.”

Asked whether he enjoys rattling batsmen’s confidence with a bombardment of bumpers, Johnson acknowledged he had an ‘intimidator’ role in the side, but saw himself primarily as a wicket-taker.

“I prefer to get them out first and foremost,” he said.

“I wouldn’t say I like inflicting pain, I like to just intimidate, use the conditions that we have, and they were perfect for that.

“[It was great] to get them jumping around on the back foot and us working as a team together to get the wickets.”

Freddy Fittler What?

Freddy Fittler, Foolish Flashback?

Freddy FittlerAll involved say that Freddy Fittler returning, not a stunt, that they are taking the NRL Auckland 9s Tournament seriously, and that Freddy is a genuine selection, aimed at the Roosters winning the tournament.

Sure. What genius said “I know how we can win the tournament. Now don’t laugh, and I know he’s 42, but let’s get Freddie Fittler back on the paddock.”??

If they are serious, and they believe Freddy Fittler is in the top ten players at the Rooster at 42, Then boy have they got problems in 2014.

The 9s tournament is a full on game, with enough players on the field to form a serious defensive pattern. That’s why they are having a 9s tournament and not a 7s tournament. Because they know that the public like hard defense and big hits. It’ll be fast and furious and I predict a Freddy Fail.

But, it’s having the desired effect, everyone’s talking about it, now there’s a lot of attention focused on the tournament, particularly on the Roosters first game. But really it has made the Roosters look like a bit of a joke, if Freddy is in their top 10 fastest and toughest players this year.


James Faulkner .. The Finisher.

Is James Faulkner the new Michael Bevan?

FaulknerJames Faulkner saw Australia home in the second One Day International against the English at the Gabba last night.

The emerging champion all rounder, gave a masterful display of precision placement, combined with lusty hitting, to rocket Australia from a seemingly certain loss, chasing 301 runs and 9 for 244 when he and Clint McKay came together for the 10 wicket stand. McKay showed great grit to stick with Faulkner for a 66 run partnership to make up the short fall.

In the 49th over, they still needed 12 runs to win, as Faulkner set about hitting three fours in a row, to all parts of the ground, off the bowling of Tim Bresnan, to steer the Aussies home.

Captain Michael Clark later dubbed James Faulkner, “The new Michael Bevan”, in reference to Australia’s great ODI MichaelBevanfinisher of the early 2000s helping Australia to 1999 and 2003 ODI world cup wins with his batting mastery in the closing overs of tight matches. Bevan became known as “The Finisher”. A title that seems to be destined to sit well on the shoulders of Faulkner in the coming years, as we close in on the ODI world cup in 2015.

Other very good performances by Glenn Maxwell (The Big Show), 54 runs from 39 balls and a smart 55 from Shaun Marsh, got the Aussies off to a good start, but a lower order collapse put the game in severe jeopardy until the heroics of James Faulkner saved the day.

The next game in the series is a day/night match on Sunday at the Sydney Cricket Ground.