Gillard Distorts History.

Julia Gillard and her supporters try to rewrite history.

Gillard and her supporters continue to play the gender card, in their attempt to mask the incompetence of her Prime Minister-ship, which …read more    

Cowboys Dudded Again

The unbelievable decision, a symptom of a deeper problem?

How can six officials, assisted by the best technology available, miss a tackle count. It is unbelievable, it is indefensible, and an …read more    

The ABC Jumps On The "Poor Kevin" Band Wagon.

ABC Declares Its Colours For Labour.

Please .. Not Rudd Again.

Morons flood back to Rudd.

Gallen’s Cheap Shot

There hasn’t been a cheaper shot since Les Boyd on Darryl Brohman.

Islam .. The Nazis of our time?

We must learn from history.. We forget at our peril.

A subject which keeps recurring on “Stang’s View” is that of …read more  

Gay Marriage Debate

How do we discern what is main stream and what is deviant behaviour?

Over the centuries man’s natural instincts and desires have been governed and tempered by …read more  

Rumours Suggest Sharks Only The Beginning.

The NRL’s Season to get much worse if you believe the rumours.

Anthony Watmough

NRL Doping Joke

Put up or shut up.. You idiots.

…read more  

Australian Sports Doping .. Scandal or Political Beatup

Yet another stuff-up by the Australian Labor Government.

Here we go again, everything this government touches becomes a farce.