Australia Day 2013

Happy Australia Day.

Australia Day is the national day of Australia and is celebrated every year on the 26th of January to commemorate  the landing of the first fleet at Sydney Cove, New South Wales in 1788.
 It was previously known by other names such as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day and ANA day.
 Some Aboriginal activists would have it named as Invasion Day, however thankfully they are in a minority.
As the original races who made their way into Australia over many tens of thousands of years, fought each other for their bit of Australia, winner take all; so did Europeans.
Our mode of grabbing a foothold on the shores of this great country are similar. Therefore how can European races be called invaders and the various “Aboriginal” tribes not? 
 Their ancestors arrived a different times over 40 to 60 thousand years ago from different countries to the north of Australia and as they followed each other in over the land bridges from Africa, Asia the northern islands, they took the land they wanted from whoever was on it, if they could. So what is the difference; it is how all Peoples got to their lands down through the ages.
 Rather than bicker about who came first (As nobody knows) lets let Australia Day signify the coming together of all Australians willing to commit to our heritage and way of life.

 Let the criteria for being Australian be a commitment to our way of life, our culture, and a continuing contribution to the greatness of our magnificent country. Don’t attempt to pull it down with your jealousies and your bitterness and laziness. Stand on your own and contribute or shut up. We’ll look after you if you can’t contribute; but at least have a go mate.

 Perhaps in deference to all sensitivities we could change the commemoration date to a happier day for all, or perhaps we could have no specific date, just the last weekend in January and always a long week-end. It should be a favorite holiday for all Australians. Cutting through religion, race and politics. Who knows it may eventually generate good will between all Australians as Christmas is supposed to with Christians.
 Happy Australia Day! I’m off to have a beer with my Wog, Abbo mate.

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