About BevanLand

Bevan at play on The Mountain at Bathurst.

Bevans at play on The Mountain at Bathurst.

BevanLand is a state of mind, an idyllic land containing all places and things precious to a Bevan.

Bevan is the name adopted by a particular species of Australian Ocka or Yobbo and worn proudly by all who class themselves as a Bevan.

The species is not to be confused with Bogans (Victoria/NSW) or Westies (NSW).

Although they all display similar traits. The Bevan has his origins in Queensland (Hence Bevanland), and usually enjoys a better income and quality of life than his or her counterpart south of the border.

Bevans mostly have all of their front teeth, which cannot be said for their long suffering counterparts in NSW. They tend to be a more affluent species; most being Tradies of some sort. Chippies, brickies, Sparkies and the like, although they do come from other walks of life, changing their dress and behavior outside working hours.

Bevan Iconic Australian Car

Although both species store iconic Australian motor vehicles in their front yards, Bevan cars tend to be parked on the driveway or in the shed, and have a well kept, proud appearance, whereas Bogan vehicles are often found in a state disrepair with grass growing up around flat tires as their rusted bodies accumulate around the yards of their houses.

A greater number of Bogans tend to be unemployed and live in lower socio-economic suburbs, while most Bevans tend to be contract tradies with good incomes, families, two to three cars (One is usually a ute), a boat, a shed and a mortgage.

Now I’m not saying that one is better than the other. As a Queenslander, I’m just pointing out the difference.

Bogans Iconic Australian Car

Although they have similar interests at times and tend to behave similarly when alcohol affected, they should never be confused as the same species.

Many Bevans around the country and the world, don’t even realize they are Bevans. Perhaps you fit into this category. If so you are more than welcome to join the movement. So subscribe to this site, drop us a line or contribute a post. If it worth publishing we’ll put it up.

BevanLand The Website

This website was constructed to keep everyone who is interested in the Bevan life style appraised of what is transpiring in BevanLand, and to spread the word of Bevanhood around the nation and indeed the world.

It is here to show the world the advantages of following the unpretentious, simple Bevan lifestyle and enjoying the thrills of Big Engines, Fast Cars, Beer, Ya ute, Ya dog, boats, Fishing, Pies, Dagwood Dogs, Rock Music, Long afternoons spent in the shed with mates and Sheilas (Sometimes).

If you think you are a Bevan or would like to become a Bevan, no matter what state or territory or part of the world you are from. Subscribe on the front page and join our no-bullshit life style.